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Deburring Machine

Product Image (GDM Series)

Gear Deburring Machine for Spur, Helical Gears and Sprockets

  • Usage/Applications:Deburrs all kinds of gears spur, Helical, bevel, sprockets etc.
Product Image (CFG Series)

Manual Deburring and Finishing for Sheet Metals and Fabrication

  • Usage/Applications:"Manual belt grinding applications, buffing processes Turbine blades-concave & convex surface grinding, Cutlery forks belt grinding, Fuel tank weldment grinding, Rough grinding and finishing of all kinds of rollers and refurbishing of rollers, Belt finishing of cam profiles & all kinds of cylindrical jobs, Belt finishing of crankshaft pin & journal dia, Hand rails, staircase railing and general fabrication, Belt grinding of Control panel boxes, signage, weighing scale boxes etc."
Product Image (CFG Series)

Flat Surfaces Deburring Machine

  • Usage/Applications:Precision deburring of clutch & Brake parts and fine blanked parts Like; Clutch plates.
Product Image (SBS)

Manual Stroking Belt Sander Machine

  • Usage/Applications:Belt Grinding, Sandering, Fine Polishing Of Sheet Metal Panels & parts.